Youth and Community PopUps

Youth and Community PopUps Relaunch for Summer 2022!

Sierra Health Foundation and The Center granted $127,500 to fund more than 20 Youth and Community PopUps partners for summer activities. Together, these community-based organizations will relaunch the successful Youth and Community PopUps program during the summer break – a time when youth are most vulnerable.

“Sierra Health Foundation and The Center are filling the gap in youth programming created by the City’s lack of transition planning and poor communication. Our young people need support now, so we’re not going to wait until September – we’re going to restart events this weekend. Sacramento’s nonprofits are always ready to stand in the gap for young people and we’re prepared to support and stand with them. While we appreciate the City’s commitment to still use funding allocated for PopUps for a different, new youth activity, the timeline leaves a significant gap in services.”

— Chet P. Hewitt, President and CEO, Sierra Health Foundation and The Center.

Youth and Community PopUps are fun, safe spaces where youth and families can come together. Often held on Friday and Saturday evenings, PopUps often not only include youth activities, but also access to food and referrals to resources for families.

PopUp events are spread across Sacramento and are focused on neighborhoods that have been historically under-resourced. Organizations in the neighborhoods conceptualize and plan the events. Many hire youth interns to help plan and manage the events. These positions prepare the youth employees for the workplace and equip them with knowledge and transferable skills.

Join Upcoming PopUp Events!

Sunday, August 7
4 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Hot August Nights
AMF Land Park Lanes
5850 Freeport Blvd.

Youth will have fun bowling at this big community event!

Hosting by Always Knocking, Self Awareness and Recovery, and 21 Reasons

Friday, August 12
3 p.m. to 6 p m.
Back To School Meal Kit
5657 Stockton Blvd.

Register to participate!

Hosted by Iu Mien Community Services
Contact: Leah Saephanh

Saturday, August 13
1 p.m.
Collaging with Irma: Art Workshop
2574 21st Street

Hosted by Sol Collective
Call for more information: (916) 585-3136

How Youth and Community PopUps Began

The Center at Sierra Health Foundation launched Youth and Community PopUps in December 2018 following a number of fights involving youth at a local mall. Through conversations, The Center and community-based organizations realized that too many youth didn’t have access to constructive activities during weekend evenings. Together, area nonprofits and The Center created a network of PopUp events for youth and families in Sacramento’s neighborhoods where the need was the highest. PopUp events have become a critical component of an ecosystem of programming to support, develop and protect youth.

From December 2018 to June 2022, a collaborative of up to 24 dedicated community-based organizations have hosted more than 2,200 in-person and virtual PopUp events with more than 100,000 attendees!


The City of Sacramento began investing in Youth and Community PopUps in March 2019 as did corporate and philanthropic funders. Throughout the years, Mayor Steinberg and the City of Sacramento proudly shared the successes of the Youth and Community PopUps program and continuously invested in the program as an effective violence prevention tactic and resource for local youth engagement and workforce development.

The Center managed the City-funded program in support of community-based partners through June 2022. In the midst of the summer and amid concerns of rising violence, the City Manager abruptly transitioned this program to City staff and greatly reduced the number of partners.

In July 2022, Sierra Health Foundation and The Center invested $127,500 in more than 20 community partners to ensure continuous support for area youth through the summer. PopUps community partners will host 48 events from July 29 to August 31. Access background information.

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Community PopUp Partners

  • 21 Reasons
  • Always Knocking
  • Boys and Girls Club of Greater Sacramento
  • Brother 2 Brother
  • Ceaze the Movement
  • Greater Sacramento Urban League
  • Hmong Youth and Parents United
  • Hooked on Fishing
  • Improve Your Tomorrow
  • Iu Mien Community Services
  • La Familia Counseling Center
  • Latino Leadership Council
  • Mutual Assistance Network
  • Roberts Family Development Center
  • Rose Family Creative Empowerment Center
  • Sacramento LGBT Community Center
  • Sacramento Village Advocates
  • Self-Awareness and Recovery
  • Sojourner Truth Museum
  • Sol Collective
  • South Sacramento Christian Center