Positive Youth Justice Initiative Youth Organizer Leadership Program

Young men and women in the Youth Organizer Leadership Program come together to build leadership skills, share youth-led strategies, and gain support for personal, professional and career development goals.

The six-month program is part of the Positive Youth Justice Initiative: Organizing for a Healthy Justice System, managed by The Center at Sierra Health Foundation. The Youth Organizer Leadership Program is about:

Holistic Healing

Learning healing practices and teachings rooted in different cultures. Healing is embedded throughout the fabric of the entire program to build a healthy and solid foundation.

Building Knowledge

Learning the history of the criminal justice system, mass incarceration of communities of color, successful and failed program models, current trends, campaign strategies, innovative approaches.

Storytelling and Advocacy

Preparing to practice expertise with full confidence when advocating for systems transformation. Participants have guidance to continue shaping their own narratives.

Career Development

Training and support for those early in their leadership and/or career track in systems transformation, and those looking to advance to the next stages of their educational or career opportunities

Networking and Mentorship

Growing circles of influence and opportunity, and sharpening skills in networking in a variety of settings. High-level mentors from different sectors develop long-lasting, supportive relationships.

Real World Experience

Opportunities to intern or shadow someone in the field in specific areas of interest — individually or collectively.

Who applies to be a part of the Youth Organizer Leadership Program?

Youth between 16 and 22 years old who:

  • have expertise navigating the justice system
  • live in one of the Positive Youth Justice Initiative counties: Alameda, Contra Costa, Fresno, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Joaquin or Santa Clara
  • desire to be a leader in their county and in the state.
  • have been connected to the local Positive Youth Justice Initiative advocacy activities for at least six months.

Access the Movement Leadership one-pager (.pdf).

Program Opportunities

We will post program opportunities on this page.

Access the Movement Leadership One-pager (.pdf)