December 7, 2023

Celebrating 10 Years & Beyond at The Center | Short Film

The Center at Sierra Health Foundation has been advancing transformative change in the areas of health equity, social justice and racial justice since 2012. Watch our 15-minute short film to get the full scope of our impact, learn more from our valued partners and find out what’s to come in the next decade and beyond.

The Power of Inclusive Economic Development: Meet Our CEMI Partners

Meet the changemakers making inclusive economic development a reality for all Californians with support from Community Economic Mobilization Initiative (CEMI).

From Living Wage Jobs to Building Community Wealth

How can you build an economically resilient community when individuals are living paycheck to paycheck? Ann Rogan from CEMI grantee Edge Collaborative, a Stockton-based civic incubator focused the emerging green economy, work development and community wealth, discusses effective ways to create a truly inclusive economy that generates jobs for generations to come.

Bridging the Wealth Gap for Minority-Owned Businesses

How can we help small businesses owned by people of color and other minority groups succeed? Carolina Martinez from the California Association for Micro Enterprise Opportunity (CAMEO) in San Francisco discusses the best way to invest in and support small, minority-owned businesses.

Making a Living After Incarceration

What does it take to help people who were incarcerated rejoin the workforce and participate in the economy after coming home? Josh McCurry from Flintridge Center in Pasadena, California talks about the importance of supporting formerly incarcerated people through inclusive economic development.small business services, and connections to affordable lending.

Social Determinants of Health Staff Series

Staff members at The Center explain the key dynamics of social determinants of health, and how our work looks to improve upon them for communities that need it most.

‘Financial stability is necessary to heal from trauma.’

California Funders for Boys and Men of Color program officer Chris Cooper explains how The Center operates at the intersection of #work, #justice and #education to address social determinants of #health and provide our young people the opportunity to thrive and have autonomy in their lives.

‘Young people know what resources they need. We need to listen.’

Youth Suicide Prevention program officer Juan Acosta discusses how access to information and resources on #mentalhealthawareness can serve as key #SocialDeterminantsofHealth for young people.

Social Determinants of Health Staff Series | Matt Cervantes

Managing Director Matt Cervantes explains the importance of supportive learning environments in #youthdevelopment “The experience in school isn’t always the kind of supportive environment that we want young people to experience.” The quality of our youth’s learning environment has the ability to change their life for the better. #SocialDeterminantsofHealth