MBK Sacramento Youth Fellowship

In addition to improving outcomes for boys and men of color in Sacramento, the MBK Sacramento Collaborative strives to provide opportunities for local young men to grow in leadership skills and job preparedness, and to inform and advance work in the field.

The Youth Fellowship is an opportunity for young men of color ages 16 to 24 who desire to lead community change, build brotherhood and take their leadership skills to the next level. Youth Fellows receive a stipend for completion of program requirements.

Youth Fellowship Cohort 4 Narrative Change Video Series

As part of the Youth Fellowship Cohort 4 program, the Content Creator Academy led by 4YourEpiphany guided the youth fellows in narrative change for boys and men of color in Sacramento and beyond. They produced the video series below to inspire, encourage and uplift others. The project was sponsored by the Obama Foundation and managed by The Center at Sierra Health Foundation.

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