Asthma Mitigation Project

Asthma Mitigation Project partners provide culturally and linguistically appropriate asthma home visiting services to individuals with poorly controlled asthma.

The California Department of Health Care Services awarded the Asthma Mitigation Project contract to The Center at Sierra Health Foundation. This statewide program provides $12 million in funding for grantees, plus additional support through technical assistance and evaluation services, for local health departments, medical providers and community-based organizations. The program focus is on low-income communities and communities of color that have disproportionate rates of asthma.

In addition, activities lead to increased capacity to serve individuals with poorly controlled asthma, increased advocacy related to prevention and treatment of asthma, and a network of partners to engage in asthma preventive services.

Stories from the Field

In 2022, 10 AMP partners engaged in a Photovoice project, a community-based method of participatory research that uses photography and personal stories to reflect the lives, understanding, and actions of community members themselves. 

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Final Evaluation Report and Executive Summary

The Asthma Mitigation Project (AMP) Final Report builds on the program’s year 1 and year 2 evaluation reports, summarizes AMP’s implementation and describes how key outcomes for program participants were met. The report includes an overview of the AMP program model and considerations for organizations that would like to support programs providing asthma home visiting services as part of Medi-Cal’s expanded asthma services and benefits or through other funding sources. It also highlights overarching recommendations for asthma home visiting programs emerging from the lessons learned delivering AMP services. The Center contracted with Harder+Company Community Research to conduct a three-year evaluation of the program.

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Ver el Informe de Evaluación Final (.pdf)
View the Final Report Executive Summary (.pdf)
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Round Two Funded Partners

We’re pleased to announce awards for the Asthma Mitigation Project’s second funding round, with a total of $1.85 million supporting six organizations. Asthma Mitigation Project round two awards (.pdf).

Round One Funded Partners

In August 2020, The Center awarded $10 million to 22 organizations to support their efforts to improve asthma self-management, decrease exposure to environmental triggers and improve asthma outcomes. Asthma Mitigation Project round one awards (.pdf).