California Equitable Recovery Initiative

Structural biases in public systems are particularly apparent in the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on certain populations. These biases are undermining our collective ability to improve population health, and addressing them should be central to public health’s response activities.

The Office of Health Equity within the California Department of Public Health and The Center are partnering in the California Equitable Recovery Initiative (CERI) to support community-based organizations across California that are led by and serve communities facing inequities in COVID-19 infection and impacts.

The Funding Opportunity

The Office of Health Equity within the California Department of Public Health, in partnership with The Center, will award $2.6 million in competitive grants. The CERI funding opportunity is intended to advance work to close racial, ethnic and other disparities related to COVID-19 and associated chronic conditions. Community-based organizations will use the funding for projects to reduce underlying inequities that have contributed to disproportionate harm from COVID-19 among certain communities.

CERI Townhall

The Center hosted a townhall on June 28 to receive feedback about the initiative from community members.

Access the CERI Townhall recording (

Request for Applications

CERI grant awards will be up to $300,000 over 18 months.
Applications were due to The Center by Nov. 29 at 1 p.m.

We will post program updates on this page.

Funding Overview Webinar

The Center and the California Department of Public Health hosted a webinar on Oct. 24 to explain the CERI funding opportunity and the application process, and to answer questions.