Respite Partnership Collaborative Video Series

Respite Partnership Collaborative:
A Public-Private Partnership

Respite Partnership Collaborative:
A Community-Driven Innovation Project

Mental Health Respite Service Programs

This video series highlights mental health respite service projects that initially were funded through the Respite Partnership Collaborative Project. Videos highlight the respite organization, their mental health respite work and the impact they are having in the community.

A Church For All: Ripple Effect

A Church for All: Ripple Effect de-escalates mental health crisis for adults by offering short-term peer-run drop in respite services in a safe space. Learn more on the A Church for All web site.

Capital Adoptive Families Alliance

Capital Adoptive Families Alliance provides planned respite through events for adoptive parents of children with complex mental health needs. Learn more on the Capital Adoptive Families Alliance web site.

Del Oro Caregiver Resource Center

Del Oro Caregiver Resource Center provides planned respite for family caregivers at risk of a mental health crisis who are caring for family members with dementia. Learn more on the Del Oro Caregiver Resource Center web site.

Gender Health Center: Danelle's Place

Gender Health Center: Danelle’s Place promotes stabilization for adults in crisis through neighborhood based drop-in respite services and supportive activities. Learn more on the Gender Health Center web site.

Iu-Mien Community Services

Iu-Mien Community Services supports and develops healthy Iu-Mien families and communities through culturally responsive programs and services. The organization envisions a thriving Iu-Mien community in which its history is preserved, language is shared, culture is celebrated, and needs and aspirations are fulfilled. Learn more on the Iu-Mien Community Services web site.

Sacramento LGBT Community Center

The Sacramento LGBT Community Center provides LGBTQ-friendly planned and drop-in respite services through the Lambda Lounge and with a youth focus through the Q Spot. Learn more on the Sacramento LGBT Community Center web site.

Saint John’s Program for Real Change

St. John’s Program for Real Change provides respite and on-site support services for women and women with children. Learn more on the Saint John’s Program for Real Change web page.

TLCS, Inc. Crisis Respite Center

Adults who go to the Crisis Respite Center may stay for up to 23 hours and receive service based in compassion, understanding and knowledge. The goal is to offer a stable and supportive environment, and to have each guest leave with an individualized resource plan. Learn more on the TLCS, Inc. web site.

Turning Point Community Programs: Abiding Hope Respite House

Abiding Hope Respite House offers a welcoming home-like environment for peer-directed recovery services for adults with psychiatric disabilities who need relief from the stresses of life. The house is located in a Sacramento County neighborhood. Learn more on the Abiding Hope Respite House web site.

Wind Youth Services

Wind Youth Services provides drop-in respite for youth ages 13 to 25. The organization provides supportive services and opportunities to youth experiencing homelessness as they pursue self-determined lives of stability and independence. Learn more on the Wind Youth Services web site.