Pictured: Two people in masks pose for a photo on a sunny city street.

The Center Announces Newest COVID-19 Mitigation Partners

The Center at Sierra Health Foundation, in partnership with the California Department of Health Care Services, announces the 28 newest COVID-19 Mitigation Project grantee partners. The project particularly focuses COVID-19 care for people engaged in mental health or substance use disorder care.

Mental health and/or substance use disorder care providers will expand services to provide education on COVID-19 testing, implement on-site COVID-19 testing, collaborate with community partners to prevent infectious disease transmission, expand COVID-19 response services to those connected to the behavioral health system, and support the maintenance of healthy environments.

The COVID-19 Mitigation Project is supported by the California Department of Health Care Services through the Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant and Community Mental Health Services Block Grant.

COVID-19 Mitigation Project Round Two Awarded Organizations

  • Abundant Blessings, Inc., $125,000
  • Alma Family Services, $375,000
  • Buckelew Programs, $121,875
  • Didi Hirsch Psychiatric Service, $100,268
  • Downtown Women’s Center, $124,999
  • Elica Health Centers, $125,000
  • Fair Opportunity for Change, Inc., $123,000
  • Fred Finch Youth & Family Services, $119,921
  • Garfield Health Center, $124,600
  • Homeless Youth Alliance, Inc., $125,000
  • Hyde Street Community Services, $124,999
  • Korean Community Services, $125,000
  • LifeLong Medical Care, $124,951
  • Marshall Medical Center, $125,000
  • Northern Valley Harm Reduction, $124,999
  • Peach Tree Healthcare, $124,601
  • Progress House, Inc., $120,000
  • Rafiki Coalition for Health and Wellness, $125,000
  • San Francisco Interfaith Council, $463,314
  • SBCS Corporation, $125,000
  • School Health Clinics of Santa Clara County, $125,000
  • Sigma Beta Xi, Inc., $125,000
  • Serenity House, $124,215
  • St. John’s Community Health, $124,999
  • La Familia, $124,999
  • The Crossroads Foundation, $120,168
  • The Sidewalk Project, $250,000
  • Valley Health Associates, $125,000