California Overdose Prevention And Harm Reduction Initiative

The California Overdose Prevention and Harm Reduction Initiative (COPHRI) supports the health, safety, dignity and autonomy of people who use drugs through evidence-based health services. Services delivered by funded partners embody compassion, empathy, allyship and community-building while rejecting judgement and coercion. COPHRI represents the State of California’s commitment to providing the highest possible standard of health for all Californians. Harm reduction services are a core feature of the drug use continuum of care, which includes access to safer drug use tools, unbiased health education, overdose prevention, social support and health care.

COPHRI is managed as a collaborative project among The Center at Sierra Health Foundation, which manages grantmaking; the California Department of Public Health, which provides funding and technical assistance; and the National Harm Reduction Coalition, which leads capacity building efforts.

CA Dept of Public Health
National Harm Reduction Coalition
The Center

COPHRI Funded Partners

COPHRI currently supports 55 organizations in 25 counties with outreach and other service locations.

Follow this link for a complete directory of certified syringe services programs in California. To date, the program has committed more than $35 million for harm reduction services and capacity building. Future funding opportunities will support the development of new projects in historically un-served parts of California and with key populations, including Black, Indigenous and people of color.

COPHRI partners and their main county of operation include:

  • Access Support Network (Monterey)
  • Any Positive Change (Lake)
  • Asian American Drug Abuse Program (AADAP) (Los Angeles)
  • Being Alive/People with AIDS Action Coalition (Los Angeles)
  • Bienestar Human Services (Los Angeles)
  • Clinica Sierra Vista (Kern)
  • Communidade en Outreach for Resilience and Awareness (Los Angeles)
  • Community Health Project Los Angeles
  • County of Santa Cruz Syringe Service Program
  • Crossroads Recovery Center / Skoden Native Harm Reduction (Inyo)
  • Face to Face (Sonoma)
  • Family Health Centers of San Diego, Inc.
  • The Gender Health Center (Sacramento)
  • Glide Foundation (San Francisco)
  • Harm Reduction Coalition of San Deigo
  • Harm Reduction Coalition of Santa Cruz County
  • Harm Reduction Institute (Orange)
  • Harm Reduction Services, Inc. (Sacramento)
  • Healthcare in Action (Los Angeles)
  • Highland Hospital – Alameda Health System (Alameda)
  • HIV Education and Prevention Project of Alameda County (Alameda)
  • Homeless Health Care Los Angeles
  • Homeless Youth Alliance (San Francisco)
  • Hope in the Valley (Kern)
  • Humboldt Area Center for Harm Reduction
  • Humboldt County Public Health
  • Inland Empire Harm Reduction (Riverside)
  • LGBTQ+ Coalition (Stanislaus)
  • Marin County Department of Health and Human Services
  • MCAVHN Care and Prevention Network (Mendocino)
  • Needle Exchange Emergency Distribution (Alameda)
  • Neighborhood Healthcare (San Diego)
  • Northern Valley Harm Reduction Coalition (Butte)
  • Plumas County Public Health Agency
  • Punks with Lunch (Alameda)
  • Safer Alternatives thru Networking & Education (Sacramento)
  • Safer Together (San Francisco)
  • San Francisco Drug Users Union
  • San Joaquin Valley Free Medical Clinic and Needle Exchange (Fresno)
  • San Francisco AIDS Foundation
  • Shasta County Public Health
  • Special Service for Groups (Los Angeles)

Additional Harm Reduction Resources

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National Harm Reduction Coalition

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
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