Positive Youth Justice Initiative

Organizing for a Healthy Justice System

The Positive Youth Justice Initiative is helping communities across California transform juvenile justice practice and policy into a more just, effective system that is aligned with the developmental needs of young people.

We are pleased to partner with 11 nonprofit community-based organizations and their countywide collaboratives in this phase of the Positive Youth Justice Initiative. Access the news release (PDF).

Grantee Partner Organizations

We are deepening our investments in communities, grassroots organizations, youth and family members most impacted by the juvenile justice system, who are using their expertise and passion to bring about change. They are advancing their work through community organizing to accelerate a statewide movement toward a juvenile justice system focused on youth well-being, improved system practices and reduced justice system involvement.

These organizations and their community partners play critical roles in advancing a healthy justice system agenda, and represent communities of color that are overly represented in and inequitably treated by the juvenile justice system. Our partners have led the call against the mass incarceration of communities of color, to end the school-to-prison pipeline and to address the racial disparities found throughout the system.

The Positive Youth Justice Initiative is funded by Sierra Health Foundation, The California Endowment, The California Wellness Foundation and the Zellerbach Family Foundation, and is managed by The Center.