Our future depends on the actions we take today. Reducing health disparities in Northern California begins with a strong vision.

The Center brings people, ideas and infrastructure together to create positive change. Our collective impact model seeks to improve community health in California.

Every person in California should be able to live a healthy life. That’s the vision we stand by and the journey we are committed to. The Center works to promote health and racial equity in communities throughout California with local, state and national partners.

With strategy, creativity and ongoing collaboration, The Center strives to eradicate health inequities across the state, especially within the underserved San Joaquin Valley. Learn more.

What's New?

Funding opportunities available to advance health and racial equity in the San Joaquin Valley

October 18, 2018

We’re pleased to announce San Joaquin Valley Health Fund Round 5 funding opportunities. Learn about available funding and get the requests for proposals on the San Joaquin Valley Health Fund web page.

New Talk Boldly podcast looks at Immigration Policy in the U.S.

October 11, 2018

Jesus Martinez of Central Valley Immigrant Integration Collaborative and Katie Annand of Kids in Need of Defense discuss the historical context of current immigration policy and practice, including family separation. Facing ever-changing regulations, this timely discussion provides some background for recent news about immigration policy, such as the Department of Homeland Security’s proposal to alter the definition of “public charge,” a rule change that would further reduce migration flows and restrict access to critical health programs

Listen on our Talk Boldly web page.

Indigenous Peoples’ Day: A Renewed Commitment

October 8, 2018

Today we are proud to join a growing number of communities, organizations, families and individuals across the country that are celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day. On this important day, we recognize the resilience, strength and richness of Indigenous Peoples in our region and state, while recommitting ourselves to being a stronger partner to this community.