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Youth Substance Use Disorder Prevention Program

The Program

The Center at Sierra Health Foundation was awarded the California Department of Health Care Services Proposition 64 Youth Substance Use Disorder Prevention Program contract. This statewide program will provide $20 million in funding and technical assistance for organizations that are developing or increasing community substance use disorder prevention, outreach and education focused on youth.

Funding will be used to increase youth understanding of substance use disorder, reduce community and individual stigma of use and treatment, increase recognition of the chronic nature of the disease of addiction, and build substance use disorder prevention education into community outreach and services. Proposition 64 funding prioritizes youth education, prevention and early intervention, connecting youth and their families to programs that include wraparound care in communities disproportionately harmed by past and current drug policies and criminalized for substance use disorder. The project will run through November 2022.

Funding Awards

Grants of up to $1 million per project will support organizations working with youth ages 12 to 26 years old in urban and rural areas of the state, particularly communities of color disproportionately impacted by the war on drugs. Funding will support efforts through November 2022.

See the list of awarded organizations.



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