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New report on the census and child well-being

The Annie E. Casey Foundation’s 2018 KIDS COUNT Data Book came out on June 26 with state rankings of how kids are faring. It notes there could be a 2020 Census undercount of more than 1 million children under age 5. This would put hundreds of millions of federal dollars at risk and, in doing so, underfund programs that are critical for family stability, child well-being and providing access to opportunity. Patrick McCarthy, the president of the foundation, and Vanita Gupta, the CEO of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, co-authored a USA Today op-ed on June 26 that notes that the 2020 Census is filled with challenges, including inadequate funding, a lack of leadership and the potential of suppressed participation due to a citizenship question and the current political environment.

TAKE ACTION OPPORTUNITY: Comment on the proposed Citizenship Question in the 2020 Census.

On June 8, the Commerce Department, which oversees the Census Bureau, invited the public to comment on the paperwork associated with the 2020 census. The public has 60 days – until August 7 – to submit comments. Submitting comments is NOT lobbying. This is an important opportunity for SJVHF partners and allies to make their case for removal of the proposed citizenship question on the 2020 Census. Regardless of whether public comments would convince the Trump administration to reverse its decision to include a citizenship question, the public comments will establish an important record for the public, Congress and the courts to consider. (FYI, there are currently six pending lawsuits in federal courts seeking to remove the citizenship question.) Several national stakeholder groups have been preparing outreach materials about the citizenship question to help groups and organizations prepare their comments. (See below.)

Information from Sonum Nerurkar:

Ways to get involved right now:

  • Have your organization write and submit a comment. There is a need to show the breadth of voices in opposition to the citizenship question. You can have your organization submit a unique comment online. Sample language is below to get you started.
  • Ask your individual members to submit comments. You can send an action alert to your networks to submit a comment online and tell the Census Bureau why the citizenship question is harmful to all communities. A sample action alert for reference is below.

Additional resources that may be helpful to you and your organization.