Rural Community Assistance Corp (RCAC)

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June 2018

School may be out for the summer, but our Agua4All program works year-round to provide students in rural communities safe and accessible drinking water on school campuses. We are busy helping the communities we care about.

Your support enables us to continue Agua4All’s mission to increase access to safe drinking water in schools. We recently completed an installation at two elementary schools and a middle school in Kernville, California. Kernville is a small town of 1,400 in the southern Sierra Nevada, about 40 miles northeast of Bakersfield. Its school district, the Kernville Union School District, includes Kernville Elementary School, Wallace Elementary School and Wallace Middle School. Altogether, we served 900 students.

Our work began in October, and we recently installed 12 water bottle filling stations and drinking fountains between two campus locations. We initially decided to replace or retrofit 10 water stations that were either rundown or broken, but because of your continued support, we added two completely new units where none had been before.

Once the water stations were installed, our Agua4All manager and project coordinator visited the schools to give educational talks to the students. The interactive presentations included information on the benefits of drinking water and how much water they should drink each day.

The students also received reusable Nalgene water bottles to use at the newly installed bottle filling stations.

In an area like Kernville, where the average temperature this month was 90 degrees, having access to safe drinking water at school is crucial for kids to stay hydrated.

Thank you so much for supporting Agua4All!

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