Central Valley Immigrant Integration Collaborative (CVIIC)

Partners Powering the Movement

July 2018

The Census impacts funding decisions for hundreds of programs funded by the government. The more accurate the Census count is, the more likely funds will be allocated to much-needed programs. CVIIC is working to identify housing in Stockton not identified by the government to be included in the Census. With a team of six, they completed 12 long, hot days of canvassing and found 604 unconventional housing units. The diverse team members included:

Seng, who is originally from Cambodia and moved to the United States four years ago. He hopes to become a citizen as soon as he is eligible and has a background implementing literacy and health programs in Cambodia.

Nick, who has an entrepreneurial streak and wants to set up a canvassing business for political campaigns.

Clifton, a Mid-westerner who recently moved to Stockton from Granada. There, he was a permaculturalist exploring alternative economic models of living.

Masiah, who just graduated high school and is a track star. After canvassing for five hours each day, she would go to track practice.

Alejandra, a recent high school graduate, is attending summer school at a community college and is trying to figure out what to major in. She is leaning toward nursing.

James, a community college student who plans to transfer to a four -year college. He is from South Stockton and has a desire to improve conditions in his neighborhood.

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