Steering Committee on Reduction of African American Child Deaths Workgroups

The Steering Committee on RAACD has five workgroups that meet at the start of each general Steering Committee meeting. These workgroups are focused on the five priority areas of the Implementation Plan.

  1. Promoting Advocacy and Policy Transformation
  2. Equitable Investment and Systematic Impact
  3. Coordinated Systems of Support
  4. Data-driven Accountability and Collective Impact (Evaluation Workgroup)
  5. Communications and Information Systems

Steering Committee on RAACD Network Leadership Strategy and Workgroup Members

For more information on workgroup meetings, please see the Steering Committee on RAACD Meeting Materials web page.

The Evaluation Workgroup meets every fourth Tuesday of each month at Sierra Health Foundation, 1321 Garden Highway in Sacramento.

For previous workgroup meeting materials, please visit the Steering Committee on RAACD Workgroups Archive.