Positive Youth Justice Publications

Positive Youth Justice Initiative Evaluation Briefs

December 2019

The National Council on Crime and Delinquency (NCCD) is evaluating the current phase of the Positive Youth Justice Initiative and has prepared four briefs to highlight findings and learnings based on the work of the PYJI partners. The briefs include information that The Center at Sierra Health Foundation, PYJI’s philanthropic partners, and others can use to support communities in strengthening local infrastructure for organizing and advocacy toward a healthier justice system.

Advancing Employment Opportunities for California’s Foster Care and Justice-Involved Youth

September 2016

As part of our Positive Youth Justice Initiative, we commissioned this report from the National Employment Law Office, which identifies and promotes youth employment programs and policies that benefit vulnerable youth.
Download the report (PDF)

Positive Youth Justice Initiative: Implementation Phase II Concept Paper

September 2015

Now in the second year of implementing their juvenile justice reform plans, the four counties funded through the Positive Youth Justice Initiative have made notable advancements in system and policy change, interagency collaboration and professional development. This concept paper looks at the Positive Youth Justice Initiative work to date and what’s ahead in the initiative’s next phase.
Download the concept paper (PDF)

Adverse Childhood Experiences, Toxic Stress and Implications for Juvenile Justice: A Guide for Positive Youth Justice Initiative Counties

July 2015

The Center for Youth Wellness created this guide to provide a foundation for trauma-informed care and to support leaders from each of the counties involved in the Positive Youth Justice Initiative. It is meant to be a document that county leaders and partners can use in the development of groundbreaking trauma-informed care strategies in their local juvenile justice systems.
Download the guide (PDF)

ZeroDivide Electronic Backpack Guide

March 2015

For crossover youth, the design, deployment and adoption of the electronic backpack concept can potentially lead to better coordinated services and outcomes by providing a greater level of access to critical intervention and service records for these youth, their families and their allies through mobile technology. This guide is part of the Mobile4Impact Guide Series by nonprofit ZeroDivide.
Download the guide (PDF)

Positive Youth Justice Initiative Briefing Paper

April 2012

This briefing paper provides background information on the Positive Youth Justice Initiative, which seeks to improve the outcomes of young people involved in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems, often referred to as crossover youth. The paper describes the intiative’s design, which combines youth development principles with an innovative behavioral health approach known as trauma-informed care and delivers both approaches using a service model known as wraparound. A fourth design element addresses juvenile justice system policy and operational practice to strengthen local infrastructure.
Download the briefing paper (PDF)

Renewing Juvenile Justice

March 2011

Commissioned by Sierra Health Foundation and written by the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice, this policy report provides a historical account of California's juvenile justice system that illustrates the origins of today's issues, and provides a direction for establishing a model 21st century juvenile justice system designed to improve outcomes for youth, their families and caregivers. Download the report (PDF)

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