$16.4 million awarded to support Medication Assisted Treatment projects across California

June 21th, 2019

The Center at Sierra Health Foundation through the Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Access Points Project announced more than $16.4 million awarded to 120 organizations at more than 270 sites/access points throughout California. This funding will ensure that the delivery of MAT facilitates positive treatment outcomes, safe management of care transitions and long-term recovery for people with opioid and other substance use disorders.

MAT Access Point Project partners include primary care practices, hospitals, emergency departments, narcotic treatment programs/medication units, jails, residential centers, tribal health center, DUI providers, community and county mental health centers and other sites building new MAT access or expanding current MAT capacity. See the full list of organizations that received sub-contracts.

“Expanding MAT access points is a critical step forward in California’s effort to address the opioid epidemic taking place across our great state,” said Chet P. Hewitt, president and CEO of The Center at Sierra Health Foundation, which manages the MAT Access Points Project. “A critical component of our effort is building the capacity of partners who have the commitment and relationships required to reach people and families in communities that are disproportionately experiencing poor access to MAT substance use disorder treatment and high opioid-related mortality rates.”

MAT Access Points Project is funded through the Department of Health Care Services California MAT Expansion Project and administered by The Center at Sierra Health Foundation.

“We are proud to commit to transformative change in the lives of people across the state,” said Marlies Perez, division chief at Department of Health Care Services. “More than 2,000 people die from opioid-related deaths in California each year. Like many states, we are grappling with the best ways to change the statistics and MAT coupled with therapy is a proven effective strategy for decreasing opioid use and deaths and improving outcomes for those with substance use disorders and their families and communities.”

This first round of funding includes sub-contracts between $16,000 and $861,000 for start-up activities and MAT enhancement efforts. A second round of funding will be announced in Fall 2019.

About MAT Access Points Project and The Center at Sierra Health Foundation

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