The Center supports Youth Reinvestment Day

May 6th, 2019

At today’s Youth Reinvestment Day at the California State Capitol, The Center joined community advocates, tribal leaders, elected officials, youth and the Youth Reinvestment Coalition in support of the Youth Reinvestment Fund, California’s dedicated fund focused on youth diversion to address trauma and rates of arrest and detention that disproportionately impact youth of color, youth with disabilities, LGBTQ and Indigenous and Native American youth.

Proposed changes would move the fund from $37.3 million to more than $100 million in funding to trusted community resources developing youth opportunity. Effective and impactful change takes long-term commitment and investment, and The Center supports the proposed model of community-based, culturally rooted, trauma-informed wraparound services that move young people away from courts and incarceration as the most effective social – and economic – practices for investing in the health and well-being of youth, families and communities.