California Funders for Boys and Men of Color

California Funders for Boys and Men of Color is a collaboration of CEOs from 19 California foundations dedicated to aligning their efforts, resources and influence to improve the lives of boys and men of color in California. Since May 2014, these foundations have worked to develop an approach to build momentum and public awareness to address the systemic barriers that have limited access to opportunity for a population critical to California’s future.

California Funders seek to use their unique qualifications as conveners and early investors to provide leadership for this effort. These foundation CEOs draw attention to the tremendous opportunity to build a stronger state, share proven solutions with their extensive networks, align resources, and centralize tracking and reporting of data and outcomes across foundations.

California Funders for Boys and Men of Color previously was the California Executives’ Alliance for Boys and Men of Color.

California Funders’ Mt. Everest goal is to significantly increase the number of males of color with stable, full-time employment with earnings sufficient to support a family (above 300% federal poverty level). In pursuit of this goal, members have made five primary commitments:

  • Increase philanthropic investments in boys and men of color
  • Elevate the public voice of foundation executives as leaders committed to improving life outcomes for boys and men of color in California
  • Develop strategic collaborations and opportunities for coordination among philanthropic institutions
  • Increase public will and policy attention for boys and men of color
  • Explicitly identify boys and young men of color as a key target population for philanthropic initiatives and corresponding evaluation efforts

California Funders for Boys and Men of Color is managed by The Center.

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